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What's Inside Your Monthly Membership?

Explore some of our topics, within the motherhood genre, that are current and planning for coming months along with more to come!


-Planning profitable events (10K Santa) 
-Mother's Day Event
- shooting a motherhood session - Jenny Cruger Photography 
- shooting a field maternity/family session - Rebecca Penny Photography 
- Shooting an outdoor family session - Julie Sheriff Photography 
- authentic posing and workflow in a small studio space - Jaime Rogl Photography 
- shooting film - Jessica Jane Photography 
- Prime lens comparisons
- natural newborn posing 
- natural looking studio light
- shooting and editing beach sessions 
- shooting an in home newborn session 
- shooting newborn session with a two different photographers & two different lenses 
- newborn wrapping tutorial
- posing prompts for various sessions 
- location scouting 
- shooting a studio maternity session - jenny cruger photography 
- in home shooting - Daphne Mae Photography 
- newborns wrapping - Winnie Bruce Photography 


- birth announcement templates 
- holiday card templates 
- social media inspirational graphics


- Lentille Photography presets
- Jenny Cruger Photography preset/action
- Culling & editing screencast - Jenny Cruger Photography 
- Editing outdoor family session - Julie Sheriff Photography 
- Bridge/ACR tutorial to cull/global edit - Lentille Photography 
- Video tutorial on proper white balance & exposure 


- cultivating & nutruring client relationships - Laura Gattis Photography 
- Fall marketing templates/social media 
- authentic marketing & social media - Katie Lamb Photography 
- blogging and SEO 
- monthly style board w/ links 
- monthly wardrobe links for babies/kids, moms, and dads 
- taking product photos for promotion 
- marketing to high end clients 


- pros and cons of 3 different pricing structures 
- profitability without IPS - Brooke Whitney Photography 
- live IPS appointment - Lentille Photography 
- designing albums with Album Stomp 


- 17hats workflow tutorial 
-17hats templates
- Pic time tutorial to increase sales 
- Framing tutorial 
- incorporating a hair and makeup artist into your business 
- setting goals and speeding up your workflow 
- baby plans - Rya Photos
-studio tours 
- life Balance 
- on going favorite vendor discounts & perks

"I need to express some gratitude here today. I just had a $3K sale and am in disbelief. My client cried tears of joy looking at her portraits, and is so excited to display her motherhood portraits all over her home. Just a few months ago I was charging $625 for all digitals and walking away from sessions feeling like something had to change. Now a whole new world has been opened up. This education and mentoring is changing life for me and my family. Words can't do justice to how thankful I am to have connected with you guys"

"A few months ago I had no idea where I wanted my business to go other than to be "successful" and prayed I could do this full time. After joining this group, finding some amazing like-minded entrepreneurs and friends, I finally know it's possible."

"I have been and other forums and groups and it is totally overwhelming. Always felt like I couldn’t find anything. Y’all have done a tremendous job. And everything is completely user-friendly."

"This is the best money I've spent on education for photography."